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Benefits of Membership

  • Increased access to information. Active participation by at least a majority of the business interests in our large trading area will inevitably result in the sharing of information that is of common interest.
  • Credibility. A perception among consumers that member businesses are trustworthy and reputable.
  • Solidarity. The association will have “a voice in business”, a greater opportunity to influence local or municipal government.
  • Open discussion: Opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns – a forum where business owners can interact to voice their concerns, make note of trends, and share promotional ideas. Members benefit from the experience of other members. Social interaction with business oriented members of the community, all of whom have the basic common goal; to succeed in their business venture.
  • Opportunity to participate in promotions and affordable co-operative advertising: Formation of a network that may lead to reduced advertising costs and/or inclusion in a web page that will be accessible by an increasingly internet oriented population.
  • Gain understanding of and empathy for other businesses in the district.
  • Have input into decisions that are made that affect the business climate in our community
  • Opportunity to seek support of other business people who are in the same position in terms of challenges facing small business in rural Saskatchewan – sharing concerns and ideas helps foster a sense of community, concern and tolerance.
  • Development: Opportunity to support economic development and growth – members will have the opportunity to assist and support new business development in our area.

Our Goals

  • Promote our businesses
  • Survival of our communities
  • Take ownership of our future
  • Encourage people to shop in our communities
  • Be a catalyst for economic and/or population growth
  • Act as the representative of the businesses in our communities
  • Increase the active membership of the association

How Do We Pursue These Goals?

  • Educate people about the value of shopping in our communities (promotions, advertising, etc.)
  • Build awareness of what our communities have to offer
  • Encourage people to retire here, encourage new business
  • Encourage other businesses to join the association
  • Facilitate entrepreneurs to start local businesses (provide support, mentorship, ideas. etc.)
  • Strive to attract business from tourists
  • Support community groups, associations, clubs, projects, etc.
  • Set up web page with a listing of businesses and links to their home pages

LMVBA Business Directory

  • Your business name and phone number listed in 3,800 copies of the LMVBA Business Directory. Hundreds more copies are also provided to Rowan’s Ravine Park office, various town, village and RM offices, rinks, and businesses in the trading area.
  • This essential advertising opportunity is exclusive to LMVBA Members.

Why it pays to be an LMVBA Member:

  • Participate in the bi-annual LMVBA Business Directory
  • LMVBA website with member roster and contact information, linked to your webpage. Our print advertising always includes the web site address.
  • Your own page on the LMVBA website at subsidized rates.
  • Representation at community functions, affiliated associations and events in our business district.
  • Education opportunities for you and your staff.
  • Recognition for community support and participation with events like the LMVBA Christmas Promotion, Show & Shine Car Show, and two annual $500 local High School Student Scholarships.
  • Network with other business people in your trading area, get referrals, contacts, ideas and support from fellow members.
  • Build your community and encourage customer loyalty by being recognized for giving back. The word is out and our association is growing – make sure you’re part of it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join LMVBA?
Any business in the trading area of LMVBA is welcome to fill out a membership application.

What is the cost of membership?
For only $250.00 for a two year membership your business can take advantage of what we have to offer. 

When, where and how often are meetings held? 
Meetings are held the first Wed. of each month at the Lion’s Den, Strasbourg, SK. 

Who do I contact if I want more information? 

Apply Now!

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